About the artists

Jennifer Noda (Pen and jewelry design)
Jennifer created the magazine pen and magazine ring as an artistic challenge  to use up-cycled materials in her work. She gets her inspiration from nature and loves transforming wood and paper into art that can be appreciated in our every day lives. "I'm an advocate of spending time in nature as a source of maintaining wellbeing.  Holding and using something made from nature is a nice reminder of its peacefulness.  I love to create things that make people look a little closer and appreciate nature for all that it gives us."

Joseph Wade (Ceramics)
Joey's career started as a scenic designer in Chicago winning many awards for his theatre design at various venues including the Steppenwolf Theatre.  After moving to the DC area, he began teaching art full time, and developed a passion for pottery.  "I love that you can shape clay in infinite ways, and the permanence of ceramics is also a draw.  With theatre you can spend weeks designing and building a set, but when the show is over, it's gone. With ceramics I know what I create can remain in the world for decades."